12 Years Celebrating Every Life is Special!®

  • A Christian-led 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.
  • Incorporated in April 2005. Founded and headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas.
  • A 100% volunteer organization led by parents, professionals, volunteers and church leaders.
  • As a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, we serve the "entire community" with no exclusions.

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2. What's so Special?

  • We are a unique organization that helps to integrate children, teens and adults into the church and /or broader community, thus building a richer community...a SPECIAL LIFE® Community.
  • A SPECIAL LIFE® Community is one where all children, teens and adults with disabilities are proactively engaged, embraced and accepted.
  • A SPECIAL LIFE® Community includes parents/caretakers, family members, siblings, church leaders, community organization leaders, volunteers, professionals, educators, service providers, etc. in addition to children, teens and adults with a disability.
3. Who Can Benefit?
The entire SPECIAL LIFE® community benefits when children, teens and adults with disabilities are properly integrated and proactively accepted into church and/or community activities, services and events. 

4. What Do We Do?

          Four core strategies drive our services and what we do:

  • Increase awareness,
  • Network community knowledge and resources,
  • Provide education and training,
  • Transform Lives.

5. How Do We Do it?

  • Awareness events like "Message from the Heart" with Chris Tomlin held May 13, 2006 with the support of The Woodlands United Methodist Church.
  • Quarterly SPECIAL LIFE® Networking Meetings or events
  • E-Community Web site linking future SPECIAL LIFE® communities across the country. This first of its kind website provides Best Practice Document Library, an Event Calendar, helpful web links and more.
  • Training including American Sign Language, Disability Ministry Start-up support and Volunteer training eithe onsite or via our SPECIAL LIFE Resouce Library on our webstie
  • Networking opportunities with churches and community organizations that results in growth of Special Needs Ministries and Adaptive Programs.
  • Participation in resource fairs and other disability related events.

6. What Results have been achieved?

  • The number of churches with known Special Needs Ministries in The Woodlands have more than doubled since the start of Special Life Network. Existing Special Needs Ministries have also grown significantly.
  • Collaboration with the local YMCA has resulted in more adaptive programs being offered in the community. Special Life Network helped to support the installation of a wheel chair lift at the Conroe Family YMCA facility off loop 336. Adaptive swimming programs are now held there.

7. How do I Connect to SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK?

  • Register on our E-Community Website at http://www.speciallife.org/administrator/www.specialllife.org Registration is absolutely free!
  • Attend quarterly community network meetings
  • Call 713-493-2580 or Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK, Every Life is Special!®