Volunteer Opportunities

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Below are the volunteer positions we have available. SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK is a 100% volunteer organization, we depend on key people like you and will do our best to match your passion, unique skill set and volunteer interests with our organization needs.  Interested in volunteering? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Volunteer in the subject line along with your contact information and specific volunteer interests.

Program Coordinator – Networking / Community Support

  • Serve as a direct interface with churches and community organizations, enabling the growth of special needs ministries and adaptive programs
  • Organize SPECIAL LIFE® Community Network Meetings periodically, to network churches and leverage community knowledge and resources
  • Engage other organizations by coordinating networking events like brunches, holiday events and programs like YMCA adaptive programs, Houston livestock and rodeo show
  • Coordinate stakeholder communications and co ordinate with Advisory Council
  • Develop, execute and coordinate programs to grow the base of individuals and organizations that actively participate in SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK events

Program Coordinator – Family Events

  • Organize family events periodically to create a higher level of awareness in the community about the unique needs of children and adults with disabilities
  • Coordinate participation in resource fairs like CISD resource fair
  • Coordinate support activities for disability groups and their events like Texas Home School Coalition, National Autism Society Houston chapter

 Program Coordinator - Technology / Website

  • Develop and coordinate SPECIAL LIFE® website and its sections - E-resource library, Best practices e-library, Events calendar, News flashes and Web links. Update existing content. Research, develop and upload new content.
  • Identify and organize the “content” that would be valuable to upload and provide maximum support to families and other network participants
  • Coordinate the group’s communication system including website registrations and feedback, mailing lists and members contact information

Program Coordinator – Training and Education

  • Coordinate SPECIAL LIFE® programs for Volunteer training for special needs ministries
  • Coordinate American Sign Language Workshops and Classes
  • Coordinate Disability Ministry Start Up and Support programs for churches starting up new special needs ministries by sharing best practices, processes, materials, and curriculum
  • Speak at workshops during training programs
  • Conceptualize and implement new service plans to fulfill SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK’s purpose

Program Coordinator – Community Awareness / Marketing and Communications

  • Develop, coordinate and execute communication campaigns to build awareness
  • Coordinate SPECIAL LIFE® Community Relations & Awareness programs like Community Partners Pilot Program
  • Organize outreach events periodically like beneficiary concerts, skating party, golf outing
  • Coordinate support to existing community programs like Best Buddies, Deaf Ministries program
  • Facilitate seminars and talks by guest speakers
  • Design, develop and distribute marketing and advertising material like brochures, fliers and other literature
  • Coordinate public relations including regular interaction with newspapers and magazines
  • Increase SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK's membership

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruit volunteers - Build awareness of opportunities and help obtain volunteers
  • Coordinate with Volunteers to assign responsibilities
  • Coordinate initiatives to retain volunteers’ interest and volunteers’ strength
  • Build reliable base of passionate Program Leaders

Program Coordinator - Administration 

  • Coordinate daily business affairs including corporate planning, bookkeeping, HR and legal issues
  • Coordinate day to day administrative and record keeping activities
  • Standardize organization structure, procedures and processes

Event Volunteers

  • Participate in various SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK sponsored events and supported / partner events like -
    • Fund raising events
    • Networking events like brunches, holiday events etc
    • Family events
    • Training events like Volunteer training, American Sign Language Workshops
    • Outreach events like seminars, beneficiary concerts, skating party, golf outing etc

Program Coordinator – Fund Raising / Finance

  • Develop, execute and coordinate new programs to seek a broad base of sources of funding and grants
  • Coordinate ongoing SPECIAL LIFE® fund raising program
  • Prepare financial plans and coordinate budget and people requirements
  • Conceptualize and organize SPECIAL LIFE® fund raising events
  • Co ordinate co operative fund raising events for key organizations
  • Prepare and send out periodic fund raising mailers

If interested in volunteering? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Volunteer in the subject line along with your contact information and specific volunteer interests.