sln heart stampSPECIAL LIFE®  Impacts

Special Life Network provides a portfolio of services to the community via its SPECIAL LIFE  Impact Programs. Each program has a primary focus and target audience. Family Fun Impacts focus primarily on integration opportunities for families caring for an individual with a disability. Church Impacts focus primarily on the awareness and the education and training needed to grow Special Needs Ministries. Community Impacts help to network the resources, organizations and people in the community to provide support on a larger and more collaborative scale.

The highlights belows summarize the range and type of SPECIAL LIFE Impacts we have delivered throughout the years.  Note that not all impacts are done every year.  All SPECIAL LIFE Impacts help to build a higher level of disability awareness in the community.

At Special Life Network, Every Life is Special!®

SPECIAL LIFE Family Fun Impacts Program

SPECIAL LIFE Church Impacts Program

SPECIAL LIFE Community Impacts Program